Atonement participates in the St. Louis Lutheran School Athletic Association.  The sports program involves students in grades 5-8. Atonement’s program includes: girls volleyball, soccer, girls basketball, boys basketball, girls cheerleading, and track.  Participation is a privilege for students who meet ALS’s academic and behavioral standards.  Practices and games are held after school hours.  Parents are responsible for transportation.

Philosophy Inter-scholastic sports are an integral part of our total school program.  They help the student develop Christian attitudes.   We provide a sound athletic program that teaches the students the values of cooperation, the spirit of competition, and how to use their God-given talents and abilities for God’s and not their own glory. We work to develop girls and boys teams that will properly represent our Lord and school.

Eligibility – Participation in extra-curricular sports is a privilege, not a right. Only students who demonstrate proper Christian conduct in line with ALS’s philosophy and purpose may participate. All sports physicals and parent consent forms must be completed prior to participation. Continued eligibility requires adherence to ALS’s Athletic Code and Rules. Students must attend school at least one-half day on days of practices or games to be eligible. If absence is due to illness, the student is ineligible for practice or game that day .

Attitude Development Goals – Christian athletes develop a proper Christian attitude.

Go, Eagles! “To God be all glory…”